Floortje Buyssens

Background and education

In 2009, Floortje Buyssens obtained her Master of Law Degree at the University of Ghent, with summa cum laude.

Floortje worked for four years as a lawyer in the commercial law and dispute settlement department of a law firm in Brussels.  Floortje Buyssens was 2nd laureate in the competition of oral pleadings of the VPG 2011 (Brussels Bar). In 2011 she was selected for an international internship at the Paris Bar for two months.

In 2013 Floortje Buyssens joined the Ghent Bar and worked as a lawyer at the office Van Eeghem&Criel.

She joined the office Everest in May 2016.


Floortje Buyssens advises, mediates and litigates in civil and commercial law in general, with an expertise in Commercial and economic law, Corporate law, Contracts, Trade practices and consumer protection, Bankruptcy and reorganization of companies and Distribution.

She offers services to companies, self-employed professionals and private individuals, on a national and international level.

Floortje Buyssens combines her work as an attorney with a mandate for assistant at the Ghent University, General law of contract.

Floortje Buyssens is a Federal Accredited civil and commercial Mediator (Federal commission of Mediation) - Certified bMediator (bMediation)

Floortje Buyssens