Johan Van Driessche

Background and education

Johan Van Driessche completed his Master degree law cum laude at the Catholic University of Leuven. In 1997 he was admitted to the Bar of Oudenaarde and as of April 1, 2015 he has been an accociate at Everest law.

In 2003, he completed a postgraduate course for curator-liquidator (Catholic University of Leuven – University of Antwerp).

In addition, he completed a post-graduate training in mediation, with a specialisation in civil matters at the University of Gent in 2010.

Johan Van Driessche is registered as a mediator in civil and commercial matters.


Since 2011, Johan Van Driessche has been Administrator at the Bar Association of Flanders (Orde van Vlaamse Balies), the professional organisation for lawyers in Flanders. He is in charge of the IT and Finance department.

From 2006 until 2011 he was a member of the Board of the Bar Association of Oudenaarde, where he held the position of treasurer. He was also member of the Commission of reform and regulations during the period of 2010 - 2011.

Since 2000, he has been a member of the Legal Aid Commission of Oudenaarde, first as a full member and subsequently as a subsitute member.

From 1999 until 2008, he was a member of the young Bar Association of Oudenaarde, an organisation regrouping young lawyers.

Johan Van Driessche regularly gives courses for organisations such as Kluwer.

Johan Van Driessche
Johan Van Driessche