Kristiaan Markey

Background and education

Kristiaan Markey has obtained a Law Degree (1984) from the University of Leuven (KUL) and a License in Criminology (1985) from the University of Ghent (RUG).  

Kristiaan Markey started as a lawyer at the Ghent Bar in 1984.  

In October 2013, he joined the law office of Everest Ghent.


Kristiaan Markey is active in Banking Law , in Civil Law (liability, insurance and traffic law, corporal damage, medical liability, tenancy law, law of succession-inheritance ) and in Commercial Law (publicity, invoices, commercial tenancy ).  

He is curator of ownerless successions and ad hoc representative for companies in criminal proceedings.  

He  has a postgraduate diploma qualifying him as a curator/liquidator of companies.  

Kristiaan Markey has been a member of the Council of the Ghent Bar for more than 10 years and since 2014 he has been one of the representatives of the Ghent Bar in the General Assembly of the association of Flemish Bars (OVB). He was President of the Flemish Conference of the Ghent Bar from 2001 until 2003 .  

Since 2009 he has been the main editor of the magazine of the Ghent Bar, Strop en Toga.


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Contact me

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9052 Ghent
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