Louis Volcke

Background and education

In 2008, Louis Volcke earned his Law Degree at the University of Ghent, with distinction.

In 2011 Louis completed the post academic training “Vastgoedrecht voor de vastgoedpraktijk” (Real Estate Laws for Real Estate Practitioners) at the Studiecentrum Vastgoed- en Financieel Recht (Study Centre for Real Estate and Financial Law) in Ghent, with great distinction.

In 2013 Louis followed the post academic formation curator-liquidator, organized by the K.U.Leuven.

Louis regularly attends courses and training sessions, within the scope of his expertise.

Louis Volcke was admitted to the Bar in 2008 and has been active as a lawyer ever since. He was first appointed as curator of company’s in bankruptcy in 2014.


Louis Volcke is mainly active in the fields of contractual and business law, liability and the law relating to bankruptcy.

He is consulted for legal advice, for writing and reconditioning contracts, and for leading settlements out of court. Furthermore, Louis represents his clients before courts and authorities, as required as claimant and/or as defendant.

The Court often appoints Louis Volcke as curator of bankrupted companies. Thanks to several such mandates, Louis understands not only the theoretical side of businesses and it’s laws, but also the practical aspects.

Louis Volcke
Louis Volcke


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