Stefanie Van De Perre

Background and education

Stefanie Van de Perre obtained her law degree in 2011 at the University of Ghent. In that same year she qualified as a  teacher specializing in law.

In 2011 she became a lawyer at the Oudenaarde Bar . At the beginning of 2012 she joined the Ghent Bar and commenced her legal practice at Everest Attorneys.


Since 2012, Stefanie Van de Perre has been a lecturer at the University College Ghent where she teaches labour law, social security law, commercial law and seizure law. As a lecturer Stephanie remains up to date with recent judicial developments and has mastered the trick of explaining complex judicial matters in simple language.

Alongside her academic career, Stefanie Van de Perre practices as a lawyer specialized in labour law, social criminal law, social security law and general civil and commercial law.

Stefanie Van de Perre has a proactive approach and favours counselling, providing assistance to companies and conflict management. She likes thinking out side the box and she has a particular interest in a company’s staffing policy, remuneration and company policy. She also acts as a lawyer at courts and tribunals in labour and social security cases, if is the circumstances of the case so requires.

Stefanie’s trademark is her qualitative and client-oriented approach. Whenever she handles matters, she puts the customers’ economic needs and desires centre stage.

Stefanie Van de Perre
Stefanie Van De Perre


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