The new UBO-register

  • 19/09/18

A centralized register of ultimate beneficial owners, called “UBO Register”, has been created under the Federal Public Service Finance (a.k.a. the tax administration). As from 31 October 2018, all companies, trusts, foundations and non-profit organizations have the obligation to keep an accurate and up-to-date information on all their beneficial owners(shareholders, holders of voting rights,…) and the individuals who effectively control them (administrators of non-profit organization, executives, trustees,…). The relevant data ought to be transmitted to the FPS Finances on a monthly basis and for the first time, before 31 March 2019.

The justice system goes digital

  • 31/05/17

If you should believe everything that you read in the newspapers, the digitisation of the judicial system has gained momentum. E-box, e-deposit, dpa-deposit, RegSol, the electronic lawyer's card, … as many terms refer to the catch up of our justice system on the digital highway. But do we not run the risk that the lawyer, who has to use all these digital tools on a daily basis, will lose track? Are all these projets not getting mixed up? In other words, can we still see the wood for the trees?

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