Contracts and liability law

  • You want an international commercial agreement that is solid and provides you with sufficient guarantees when eventually things go wrong because of your partner's force majeure or unwillingness;
  • You are looking to engage in preliminary agreements and conclude framework contracts following your commercial/industrial negotiations. By the same token however, you are equally keen on keeping your options open to explore alternative avenues;
  • Your SME is facing the uncertain outcome of a claim for damages against which you are eager to protect yourself;
  • Your construction company is looking to limit its liability against co-contracting parties and third parties as much as possible;
  • Your terms and conditions of exclusivity are not being respected by your co-contracting party or third parties;
  • You are looking to conduct a transaction but, for a variety of reasons, you are unable to concretise this legally in the most straightforward manner, forcing you to look for an alternative;
  • The authorities end up making an irresponsible or wrong decision or are failing to take regulatory actions, as a result of which you end up sustaining a loss, for which you wish to be compensated.  

Everest is making every effort to offer a high-quality service during the preparations, negotiations and ultimate conclusion of deals and agreements. We will work together with you to identify the most appropriate contract forms and terms and conditions, in due consideration of your personal needs and requirements, the uses, needs and requirements that apply in your sector, and in due observance of applicable imperative law.  

Our team of experts provides advice and litigation about the most complex contractual matters, both in an international and a national context.  

And if things nevertheless go wrong, Everest has the right lawyers, each with a longstanding track record in the field of liability law, both in contractual and extra-contractual disputes.  

Whether we are establishing and pursuing a claim for damages or repelling such claims, we commit every fibre of our vast know-how and expertise to meet your objective as closely as possible, through out-of-court negotiations via alternative means of dispute settlement and/or by taking matters to the court.  

Whether you are facing problems in the area of general contract law, law that applies to commercial contracts, or liability law, we will deliver the high-quality service level you deserve.