Environmental law and town and country planning

  • Your business needs an environmental permit for a new line of activities you are seeking to roll out;
  • The perfect real estate transaction is threatening to miscarry due to soil contamination;
  • The authorities are continuing to be difficult about awarding planning permission for the extension of your factory premises;
  • As an authority, you are solicited to take part in a PPS project and you are keen to rule out unpleasant surprises at all costs;
  • A new/amended town and country implementation plan is threatening to disrupt your real estate development;
  • The planning status of your trading premises is turning out to be nowhere near as straightforward as you thought when you purchased the premises;
  • You are being prosecuted for the illegal treatment/processing of waste, for undertaking construction or renovation operations without planning permission, for encroaching on the listed character of a monument, for the storage of hazardous substances without possessing the required permits, ….  

When it comes to Town and Country Planning and Environmental Law, Everest has the right expertise and experience to advise and assist you where needed.  

Whether we are talking about consultancy services, preparing permission applications and upcoming projects, intervening in appeals procedures or becoming involved in dispute settlement procedures of the most varied description, we can offer our clients the type of service that is efficient and “to the point”, which makes all the difference.  

With dedication and commitment, Everest will assist you in the following areas of operation:  

  • Town and country planning;
  • Planning permission applications;
  • Environmental impact assessment reports;
  • Expropriation proceedings;
  • The conservation of historical and cultural buildings and monuments / landscape conservation;
  • Land and premises policy;
  • Environmental planning and environmental permits;
  • Soil contamination;
  • Air and water pollution;
  • Noise nuisance;
  • Hazardous substances and waste management;
  • Public Private Partnerships (incl. brownfields);
  • Environmental policy agreements.