Corporate criminal law

The days when Criminal Law served solely as an instrument to keep the working classes in check are long behind us.  

Just about every regulation that is of relevance in a corporate setting today – be it in the area of environmental law, social law, tax law, economic, financial or company Law – includes criminal provisions that penalise non-compliance with said regulations.  

This trend, combined with the “often strict” prosecution policies of the Public Prosecution Service, has seen to it that criminal law, a fairly traditional body of statutory provisions in itself, has seen the emergence of a new offshoot that goes by the name of “corporate criminal law”.  

The range of services provided by Everest in this field of expertise includes both consultancy as well as assistance in court procedures for businesses and managerial staff, whether as a victim, as a suspect or as a witness.  

As Everest has a wide number of experts in associated fields of law (incl. tax law, environmental law, company law, …), we are able to offer an integrated approach where necessary.  


Our areas of expertise and experience to benefit your business  


The corporate criminal law practice has built an extensive track record in the areas of:  

Consultancy in the following areas:

  •   Criminal risk analysis for businesses and managerial staff;
  •   Devising a planning schedule in order to confine criminal risks in a corporate context (through the delegation of powers of authority amongst other things);
  •   Assessment and confinement of criminal risks in the case of company takeovers (M&A);
  •   Criminal due diligence;
  •   Legal guidance/support for Forensic and Internal Audits;
  •   IT fraud;
  •   Fraud involving the annual statement of accounts;
  •   ...


As a suspect:
  • Risk assessments of criminal offences;
  • Regularisation with the administrative and judicial authorities;
  • Guidance during criminal investigations;
  • Guidance during criminal procedures.
As a victim:
  • Analysis of legal options open to you;
  • Legal guidance of forensic investigations into internal/external fraud;
  • Guidance during criminal investigations;
  • Guidance during criminal procedures.