Real Estate and Construction Law

We assist you by means of legal assistance and in the event of a litigation, in the following fields:  

  • Setting-up a real estate investment consortia;
  • Joint ventures and partnerships;
  • Setting-up corporate structures with a view of investment in real estate;
  • Drafting of deeds and agreements;
  • Follow-up of real estate registration;
  • Real estate development.  

We participate in every stage of the purchase or the construction of real estate property in close cooperation with the investors, the developers and the project managers.  

We assist you in the legal aspects related to projet financing, negotiations with banks and other financial institutions, environmental, governmental and local administration authorities.  

We handle agreements with respect to the renting and leasing of real estate property.   These services can be related to residential, commercial or business projects.  

Construction law  

Everest also has extensive experience in disputes related to the construction process in the widest possible sense.  

We assist all actors concerned, such as:

  • The building owner;
  • The estate agent;
  • The property developer;
  • The contractor;
  • The architect;
  • The safety coordinator;
  • The manufacturer of construction materials…