Sports Law

Our law firm focuses through her sports department on sports law and on all actors that are directly or indirectly connected to the sports world. We provide legal assistance to athletes, sports clubs, sports federations, agents, sponsors, organizers and trainers.

The athletes, sports clubs and sports federations who are active today, are operating in a legal environment in which they must comply with numerous obligations in diverse domains.

The sports department within our law firm distinguishes from other lawyers specialized in sports law by being embedded in a law firm specialized in legal services for businesses and corporations, providing services in all possible law branches.

Our law firm is therefore your ideal partner to offer you complete legal services. In this way, you can focus on your core task, sport.

Our law firm advises her clients in the following domains:

  • Contract law (contracts, transfers, sponsor agreements,…)
  • Company law (non-profit association, articles of association, appointment and dismissal of directors,..)
  • Liability law
  • Disciplinary procedures (BAS, TAS, …)
  • Social law (social security, contracts of employment,…)
  • Doping (Flemish Doping Tribunal, Disciplinary Committee, TAS, …)
  • Arbitration
  • Intellectual property law (copyright, trademarks and designs, portrait rights,…)
  • Criminal law (fraud, bribery, assault and battery, drug law, …)
  • M&A (mergers and acquisitions of sports clubs) Tax law (tax status of athletes, advance business tax sport clubs,...)
  • Real estate and construction law (permit, construction of accommodation and infrastructure,…)
  • Football law (bans on access to venues of football matches, …)