Frédérique Gillet will, with other speakers, have the pleasure to take part in the HR Round Table organized by Packimpex together with AON and Everest Law on Employees Well-Being on 12 October in Machelen.


Employee Well-being is a core HR topic, even more now after the long periods of lock-down that blurred the line between work and home and increased the number of burn out cases.

For HR professionals, it’s crystal clear that the lines between personal and professional life are harder and harder to define. With more and more cases of burn-out as companies struggle to adjust, improving well-being policies in the workplace is crucial.


At this HR Round Table, we will explore:


  • Best case practices and current approaches in employee well-being.
  • How we see the right to disconnect from a business point of view.
  • How we can integrate well-being into the company culture and bridge the culture and generational gaps.


For further information or if you want to sign up, click on this link.