Public and administrative law

Throughout the years, we have built up extensive experience and specialization in the field of public and administrative law in the following areas:


Government Contracts


  • Assistance to companies and contracting authorities in the context of public contracts, concessions and PPPs
  • Assisting contracting authorities in the drafting of contract documents, the analysis of requests to participate and bids, support in negotiations, the drafting of selection and award decisions, …
  • Assisting companies in the award phase of a contract with the drafting of their requests to participate and bids, setting up temporary partnerships, contacts with contracting authorities, …
  • Advising public authorities and companies in the execution of public contracts
  • Representation before the Council of State and before the courts in the context of disputes relating to the award and execution of public contracts



Public and administrative law


  • Public employees: advice and treatment of disputes for authorities and public employees in the broader sense (local, regional and federal, police, magistrates, bailiffs, notaries, …) concerning appointment and promotion, evaluation, disciplinary and order measures, mobility, salary, end of career
  • Regulated sectors: assistance to companies in the context of monitoring their activities and their permits in the sectors of food, construction, medicine, surveillance, …
  • Local authorities: support to municipalities, CPAS, service and contracting associations, autonomous municipal companies, with regard to their operation and organization, staff, administrative police, …
  • Constitutional law: advising and handling of disputes for public authorities and private clients (companies, interest groups) before the Constitutional Court through appeals for suspension and or annulment or preliminary rulings
  • Regulated professions: advising and handling disputes related to the status and professional practice of notaries, bailiffs, architects, real estate agents, insurance brokers, surveyors, accountants, …
  • Other branches of administrative law such as administrative sanctions, subsidies, waste legislation, government liability, …


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Our team


Anthony Poppe


Anthony Poppe

Anthony Poppe practices at the Ghent and Brussels Bar and is partner at Everest lawyers.


He practices public and administrative law in general with a particular focus on public contracts, health law, civil servants law and regulated professions. He assists his clients from the private and public sector in answering their legal questions in these matters, both in advisory work and in litigation before the courts, the Council of State and the Constitutional Court.

As a speaker and trainer, he regularly takes part in study days on various questions in his specialist areas and also writes about subjects in his preferred fields. He is a lecturer for ESCALA (Syntra group; public procurement and disciplinary law for police and local authorities).


He is a collaborator of the magazine Administration Publique where he monitors the Dutch-language case law of the Council of State in government contracts.

Tel:+32 (0)9/334.94.70

Areas of expertise:Public and administrative law; Health Law

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