We sincerely hope that you are able to make the best of these times, and we feel so sorry that we could not have the opportunity to meet again in person since one year. The opportunity to exchange among peers is undoubtedly one of the greatest assets of being part to this group of registered compliance professional. We hope that this can change but either way we believe that exciting times are coming for your profession, ao with the transposition of the EU Whistle-blower Directive 2019/1937.

In this context, we hope that our webinar invitation will interest you:


WEBINAR: “From whistle-blowing to court” (free-of-charge)

The reporting of fraud is only the start. How to handle the investigation correctly in order to be able to use any finding up to the Court?

While measures to protect whistle-blowers are in the process of becoming mandatory for companies in Belgium and in the European Union, the legal framework and the way of carrying out internal private investigations which may result from the reporting of fraud are not always mastered by companies.

This webinar aims to provide practical knowledge on both the reporting process and that of private investigations. (more information…)


PROGRAMME WEDNESDAY MARCH 31st, 2021 (10.00-11.30)


Introduction (10:00-10:05)
By Frederik Verhasselt, Partner at EY Belgium Forensic & Integrity Services.


Part 1: Whistleblowing (10:05-10:35)
By Peter Leyman, Executive Director at EY Belgium Forensic & Integrity Services


Minimum requirements for whistle-blowing systems

Design of a whistle-blowing system

Whistle-blower protection – what about confidentiality?

Process flow from alert to investigation (use case)


Part 2: Right on private investigation vs. Right on privacy (10:35-11:05)
By Stijn De Meulenaer, Partner at Everest

What do I have to undertake in order to be able to start an internal/external private investigation in my company?

Legal pitfalls


Conclusion/Q&A (11:05-111:30)




SURVEY: In the context of the preparation of the webinar, the co-organizers invite you to participate to the online survey on Corporate Fraud Reporting and Investigation. This short survey will only take 2 minutes of your time, and the anonymous data collected will be used for research purposes only.

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation! Hope to see you at the webinar.